The Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Australia 

Welcome to the Home Page of The Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Australia.

The VVMCCSA started by dedicated group of people dedicated on preserving pre 1930 Motorcycles.

The VVMCCSA 1st meeting 29 Nov 1956 at Playford Street Glen Osmond and the club was formed. 

On this home page you will find information about membership, banking details, future Club Runs, special weekly runs, coffee morning, and the incredible club magazine the ‘Smoke Signal’. 

Join VVMCCSA here 2023 VVMCCSA – membership and info flyer about the club new – $45.00 subs and experience and the thrill of Veteran and Vintage motorcycle riding along with all types of Classic Motorcycles who are are most welcome to join as members and in any club run.

Brian Forth, President, VVMCCSA.

An ‘Old Crock’ rider once said –

Oil leaks ignored—lies and mistruths about speed and reliability accepted’


Smoke Signal magazineFebruary 2024 Smoke Signal 655 – final2 – email version

Club Flag A Bit of History – old flag – Dean Govan

Jack Scadden with 1917 Harley Davidson outfit and the ‘Old Flag’ at Rowley Park c1960.

APRIL 2024 Smoke Signal 657 – final – email


    The 70th Anniversary Rally programmed for 2026, the committee have commenced planning for the event and information will be announced soon. .  Brian Forth – Chairperson 


Membership for 2023-2024 is now $45.00.

If you wish to join The Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Australia, please print off the Membership Application form, complete the details then email [email protected] or post.

Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Australia                                                                              PO Box 453,                                                                                                                                            Marden 5070.

General Membership and Country Member is $45.00 with a Joining fee is $15.00.
Smoke Signal magazine postage is $25.00.
 Smoke Signal available  on this site and is emailed to all members.
Your Application for membership. Please complete it and either email to [email protected] attend a General Meeting night and had it to the Treasurer, or post it to Secretary PO box 453 Marden 5070
Payment can be made by Bank transfer deposit, cash at a meeting or a cheque is you still use them. If using Direct Bank Deposit. Please email [email protected] of your payment amount, Name & Membership number if allocated.


2024 – $45 VVMCCSA – membership $45 and info photo and flyer about the club NEW


2024 Library books 50 to 631 by John Deacon.

  VVMCCSA have a very library with original and interesting information of most make of motorcycles                                       ******************************************************

  2024 Rally Entry Form

 Submission of this rally form is required when you participate in a VVMCCSA club ride.

Please complete the form at the following times – 1/ General Meeting, or 2/ Down load the form here, print it and email to Secretary, or 3/ Print it off and complete the form then present it to the Ride Captain on the RIDE DAY –

Forms are available at the start of each ride. The Records Officer will then collate information. BUT you can Email to – [email protected].


Historic motorcycle registration.

For historic vehicle registration, you must be a member of VVMCCSA and have an appropriate vehicle

Email [email protected] for information and the Approved Person close to your location 


VVMCCSA – future club rides & event

OXENBERRY WINERY RALLY—21st April 2024, 10.00am.

The Oxenberry Winery Rally will be held on Sunday 21st April 2024 starting at 10.00a.m.

Please gather at the winery – parking cars and trailers in the block to the left of the winery carpark.

Note, Oxenberry Winery is located on Kangarilla Road, McLaren Vale – NOT the Scarpantoni Winery at McLaren Flat! Each year we wave to a few who blindly ride past heading to Scarpantoni Winery premises. 

The route this year takes us on some of the most enjoyable roads in the southern area. The entire rally route is suited to older bikes although veterans may find some of the hills taxing.

 After the rally briefing we will head  left towards McLaren Flat turning before the township onto Blewitt Springs Road. We will follow the back roads to Kangarilla where we make the gentle climb to Meadows.

We do not stop at Meadows, however, as we do a short loop which takes us almost to Macclesfield, up Retort Hill and back to Meadows for morning tea/coffee.

Meadows has a couple of shops that serve tea, coffee and cakes.

We plan to stay there 30 minutes before returning to McLaren Vale.

After coffee we will head back towards Willunga, turning onto Brookman road and riding the full (though straight) length of the road through Kuitpo Forest. At the end of Brookman Road we find ourselves at Old Willunga Hill Road which we ride down to the township of Willunga. From Willunga we take the road back to McLaren Vale and Oxenberry Winery.

At Oxenberry our team should have the sausage sizzle ready for our arrival! Gold coin donation please.As usual we would greatly appreciate volunteers. 

This year we are looking for a trailer driver and willing marshals. On the outward run this time we need around ten marshals so please put your hand up and don a reflective vest – especially if you have not done so before.

Total rally distance is 85 kilometres.

For information regarding the rally please contact Ian Hese or myself. See you on the day,

Tony Morisset—Tour Leader


April 2024

4th Thursday morning ride from Tea Tree Gully hotel, 10am start.

6th Coffee morningLoose Caboose 21 First St Hindmarsh 9.15am

9th General meeting 807. Payneham RSL Clubrooms 8pm.                                                                          14th *** Gawler Veteran and Vintage vehicle run—invitation                                                                  18th 32nd ‘Old Crocks’ Veteran & Tiddlers ride— starting at 10am, Gumeracha.                                         21st *** Club Ride—McLaren Vale area                                                                                                      30th Committee meeting—Goodwood Community Centre 7.30pm

May 2024

2nd             Midweek rideTea Tree Gully Hotel leaving 10.00am

4th             Coffee at ‘Loose Caboose 21 First St Hindmarsh 9.15am.

5th             Sporting Car Club—Old Crocks Run from Victoria Park to Glenelg. Invitation

5th             Cummins House 23 Sheoak Ave Novar Gardens invitation                                                                                                    

14th  `       General meeting 808 8pm Payneham RSL clubrooms

16th           33rd Old Crocks’ Veteran & Tiddlers ride—10am, Federation Park Gumeracha.

18th & 19th *** Meningie 2 day Hub Rally. See information below.                                            

28th Tuesday, Committee meeting, 7.30pm Goodwood Community Club

 June 2024

1st Coffee morning,Loose Caboose 21 First St Hindmarsh 9:15am

6th Midweek ride—Tea Tree Gully 10am—destination on the day

11th General Meeting 809. Trophy Presentation night 8pm Payneham RSL Club rooms.

16th Club ride to be advised

20th 34th Old Crocks and Tiddlers ride fromGumeracha

25th TuesdayCommittee meeting at 7.30pm, Goodwood Community

July 2024

4th Midweek rideTea Tree Gully Hotel leaving 10.00am  

6th Coffee morningLoose Caboose 21 First St Hindmarsh 9.15am.

9th Annual General Meeting & General meeting 810– 8.00pm at Payneham RSL clubrooms.

21st *** to be advised

25th 35th ‘Old Crocks’ Veteran ride & Tiddlers—10am, Gumeracha                                                           30th Committee e meeting—7.30pm Goodwood Community Club.


MENINGIE 2 DAY RALLY SAT & SUN MAY 18th & 19th 2024

This year we are doing something a little different for the 2 Day Rally.

We won’t be riding to an overnight stop and then riding home.  Riders will make their own way to

Medindie. There will be a ride around the Lakes on Saturday afternoon, with afternoon tea and then to the Hotel or a Restaurant for a group meal and socialising in the evening. Sunday morning will be a ride, including a morning tea stop, which will finish at Medindie in time to have lunch and then head for home.

You will be riding roads and seeing scenery, that you don’t usually have chance to see on Club runs.

Medindie is on the Princes Highway on the shores of Lake Albert.  It is about     1½hrs, 145kms travelling from The Toll Gate at the start of the SE Freeway, plus any comfort stops on the way.

Accommodation is at the Caravan Park, Hotel or Motel.  Contact details in next month’s Smoke Signal for you to book your accommodation.  You may wish to go down the day before or stay longer. Ian Hese

map to follow



invitation rally events

Old Crocks run 5 May 2024 entry form‘ Old Crocks’ run from Victoria Park start at 0930 to Wrigley Reserve Glenelg a run to celebrate the first run in 1934. 

Ariel and AJS Matchless rally information

contains information on -25th – 26th to 27th October 2024


Monthly rides for old and classic motorcycles

Old Crocks & Tiddlers Ride. is for veteran and vintage motorcycle build before 1930.

On the 3rd Thursday of each month those intrepid ‘Old Crocks‘ and their V&V motorcycles gather at Federation Reserve in Gumeracha for a 10am start. 

Members on younger motorcycle please attend and participate, but be prepared to allow for the ‘Old Crocks’ and their motorcycles slowly gain the speed to negotiate the hills and vales of the Adelaide Hills.

The ride is usually short and sweet allowing for a coffee stop than back to the start with petrol running low & exhausted rider.

just wait for it, it will start



Coffee mornings – in the 1st Saturday of the month for aa chance to refresh the mind over endless motorcycle discussions.

Loose Caboose, 21 High Street Hindarsh.


Tea Tree Gully Hotel – Thursday morning ride.

On the 1st Thursday of the month we meet in the carpark, planning the ride then leaving 10am from Tea Tree Gully Hotel for a 10.00am start – destination is up to those who attend – surprise surprise surprise.    This ride is open to any motorcycle of any age, and you are welcome to enjoy the ride.


Enquires please email  –  [email protected]

New Postal address.

Secretary of VVMCCSA

PO Box 453

Marden 5070, 

South Australia


 Smoke Signal club magazine here-

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January 2024 Smoke Signal 654 – FINAL – email

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March 2024 Smoke Signal 656 – FINAL – email

APRIL 2024 Smoke Signal 657 – final – email






2024 Library books 50 to 631 by John Deacon

Links to various forms and information.

MR300B – declaration for exemption from surrendering number plates – If for some reason you need to lay-up your historic registered motorcycles for repairs – restoration or other reason and you wish to retain the number plate currently issued, complete this for and deliver to a DETI office.

Rally Entry Form – Nov 2020 form

Corner Marshal information.

For members desiring to be a corner marshal on a club ride, please read this corner marshal duties about the do and don’ts. But you need to be trained and qualified to perform this important position.

One of advantages of being a corner Marshall is to to watch and see members riding towards you, with the awesome sound of their motorcycle, along with clashing of gears as that veteran and vintage motorcycle slowly gaining speed as they ride on. When the back up trailer arrives, you then can join the ride.


                      Welcome information

Welcome to the home page of The Veteran and Vintage Motor Cycle Club of South Australia. The VVMCCSA Club was formed in 1956 with the objectives of preserving, restoring and using Veteran, Vintage & Post Vintage Motorcycles. We are an active club of over 300 members, catering for veteran, vintage and classic motorcycles.

Machines must be at least 30 years old in the current year to be eligible for Club Events and historic registration.

We have Historic Vehicle Registration facilities for club eligible motorcycles.

Our Monthly magazine – Smoke Signal can be seen and read under the heading of Smoke Signal.

Our Monthly Meetings are at the Payneham RSL Club, 360 Payneham Rd, Payneham commencing 8 PM on the second Tuesday of the month.

Visitors will be made most welcome – you don’t need to own an old motorcycles to be a member and participate in club activities.

The Club is one of the oldest in the country, we are planning to celebrate our 70th Anniversary Rally in 2026. Still in the planning stage.

On the 3rd Sunday of each month we have a club ride for members going north, east and south from Adelaide, or starting at a nearby country town and most ride are through the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Distance is around the 100km mark, why this is the usual distance a Veteran or Vintage motorcycle petrol will allow it to go. A support trailer is always there following the ride.

Motorcycle only Swap meet.                                                                                                One of the Club’s activities is its annual Motorcycle Only Swap Meet held on the  Balhannah Oval each year on the October long weekend.

Library books are available for viewing and borrowing at every meeting – enquire with club librarian.

2020 – library list 1-100numlist



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