Historic Registration for Motorcycles

Conditional Registration (Historic Registration) is available to financial members of a recognised motor vehicle club (ie: VVMCC of SA). As the name implies Conditional Registration is subject to a number of conditions, the main ones being:

  • the vehicle is owned by a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club.
  • the vehicle can only be driven on a limited number of journeys per registration year (maximum 90 days).
  • the vehicle has not been modified from its original design to any significant extent and meets Transport SA Code of Practice
  • Machines must be at least 30 years old in the current year to be eligible for Club Events.
  • further conditions and details are contained in the “Conditional Registration of Historic Vehicles and Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicles” handbook and ” Transport SA Code of Practice” issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

Club Procedures for Obtaining Historic Registration

In order for a financial member to obtain Historic Registration (HR) for their motorcycle the member:

(1) must provide sufficient evidence to the club Approved Person (AP) of the motorcycles eligibility to meet the necessary criteria of HR (no modifications);

(2) the AP must personally inspect and approve the historic vehicle at a suitable time to be arranged (Note: It is the owner’s responsibility to deliver the machine to the AP); and

(3) if it cannot be established that the vehicle has been previously registered in South Australia, the vehicle must undergo an identity inspection by Transport SA (a fee is applicable ).

Once the AP is satisfied the motorcycle is eligible for HR the completion of the following steps will effect HR:

  • The AP will issue to the owner an “Approval to Register a Conditional Historic Vehicle” (MR 334 form) for presentation to a Motor Registration Office in order to initiate registration. Note: No stamp duty is payable on registration of Historic Vehicles.
  • For the issue of a log book the member must present the original registration papers to the AP along with the cost of a log book (presently $1.00). The AP will endorse both the registration papers and the log book. Full details of the owner, machine and log book issued will be recorded by the AP in line with the guidelines set by the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs of SA Incorporated.
  • Owners are responsible for annually obtaining certification of current club membership in each log book and at the same time for submitting relevant vehicle registration certificates to the AP for endorsement. Completed log books are to be retained by owners for a period of twelve months after expiry.
  • Log books are not transferable. At change of Historic Vehicle ownership, the new owner is required to apply for registration and a log book.
  • Lost log books are to be promptly reported to the AP.
  • The validity of the log books span three registration years





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