Motorcycles Only Swap Meet 2006

Brian Forth gives us his view…

What a wonderful day to be in Birdwood, the sun shining with a little bit of cloud cover, and a slight wind to keep the day reasonable cool made it a very pleasant day to be at Birdwood Community Oval.

I arrived early, well I thought early 6.40am towing my Harley on a trailer for display. When I arrived at Birdwood there was this huge line up of sellers and members with bike for display lined up to get in. I thought this will take some time?

I decided to ring fellow member Brian “Nipper” Kuerschner to see if I can get in quickly? The phone answered, I asked ‘Young Nipper” how do we get in quickly? The answer was simple “I am in the line – one entrance you will have to join in” I looked across the road and there he was so I joined the line. Surprisingly the line moved quickly, with Paul Knapp, Neville Roach and Bob Kretschmer and others on the gate – they did a fantastic job in keeping the line moving.

Once inside, there was no trouble moving about, the sellers moved quickly to the oval, circling like wagon trains waiting for the attack of the buyers. Tents went up, beach shade umbrellas sprung up like mushrooms across the oval, many coloured tarps placed on the grounds, trailers unloaded and ‘bike’ items placed on trestles or on tarps or the green grass. What a sight to see – let the trading begin.


Oh, I forgot the smell of egg and bacon sandwiches wafted over the oval, drawing a lot of hungry early morning starters to savour the fare – this trading went on all morning and really appreciated.

Club members manned the gate and in rushed the buyers – many a treasured items was found, dollars changed hands, and many a seller and buyer were happy with their sale – so much that I spoke to a lot of buyers who raved about finding that elusive part.

Several club members had brought their bike for a display – there being about 10 bikes in the area put aside for display and it wasn’t look good. Then about 10 am the sound of old motorcycle could be heard coming closer. This was the arrival of members from the 50th VVMCCSS 50th Rally on a run from Nuriootpa. They had arrived and parked their bikes in the display. Secretary Peter Yates was forced to re-survey the bunting and double the display area – that is how many bikes graced the display – what a wonderful sight and the bikes created great excitement drawing the buyers and sellers to gaze at the huge variety of bikes on display – magic.
Slowly by midday the madding crow began to disperse and the end of another successful Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Clubs ‘Motorcycle Only Swap Meet’ was over for another year.

On behalf of the Committee – I would like to thank all member who assisted in any way to make this an enjoyable and another very successful day for the VVMCCSA – keep up the tradition members.

As a postscript, the “People’s Choice Trophy” went to Manuel Vella – across from Victoria for the 50th Anniversary Tour – for his marvellous 1942 Indian 741B. Amid rows of glittering chrome and enamel, I wonder what property attracted so much interest to Manny’s bike?

The 2007 event will be held on Sunday, 7th October at a new venue: Balhannah Oval.

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