Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting 1956

Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting held at 7 Playford St Glen Osmond on 29/11/1956

Mr J.B. Kaines Aldgate
Mr E.G. Ross 4 George St Enfield
Mr P. Ziegler 7 Playford St Glen Osmond
Mr L.T. Kain 346 Glen Osmond Rd Glen Osmond
Mr G.H. Baldwin 334 Unley Rd Hyde Park
Mr H.P. Rosenhain 399 Glen Osmond Rd Glen Osmond
Mr. B.L. Moten 693 Esplanade Grange
Mr M.A. Lower 7 Playford St Glen Osmond

were present.

Apologies received from

Mr D. Walter

Mr M. Mitchell

Mr J. Thirmer

It was moved by Mr Baldwin that the name of the club be “The Veteran and Vintage M/Cycle Club of South Australia”. Seconded by H. Rosenhain & unanimously carried.


The objects of the club shall be


  1. The preservation and restoration of veteran and vintage m/cycles
  2. The spreading of interest in the same
  3. Mutual assistance between members.


Qualifications for membership shall be a demonstrable interest in veteran & vintage m/cycles i.e. machines manufactured prior to 1/1/1932. This qualification may be varied in any respect at the discretion of the committee.

Preference in the purchase of m/c located by members but not required by them shall be offered in the following order


Mr M.A. Lower
B.L. Moten
E. Ross
J. Kaines
L.T. Kain
S.H. Baldwin
H.P. Rosenhain
P. Ziegler
D. Walter
M. Mitchell
J. Thirmer

New member’s names shall be added to this list as they are approved & the name at the head of the list shall be moved to the bottom of the list after each machine has been offered.

Election of Officers

Officers shall be elected annually to the following positions:

J.B. Kaines Unanimously elected as first President
M.A. Lower Unanimously elected as first Secretary
B.L. Moten Unanimously elected as first Treasurer
H.P. Rosenhain Honorary technical advisor

Meeting place shall be decided at next meeting which shall be held at H.P. Rosenhain’s residence on 20/12/56.