Early Birds Breakfast Run, Sunday 18th January 2009

Organised by Ray Mann

Report by Brian Forth

Bright and early Sunday morning, 7.30am to be precise (no gentlemen’s hours here), weary members gathered at 344 The Parade, Norwood, then ventured into the hills via Norton Summit Road for Camelot Castle. We travelled via Norton Summit Road and various back roads to Camelot Castle for a hearty breakfast. The ride up Norton Summit Road was a challenge for many because there were hundreds of bicycle riders negotiating the hill at challenging speeds and passing was an experience. Some of those bicycle riders were even found riding near our destination and passing still proved a challenge. After breakfast a fair number of members ventured on to the Hahndorf annual swap meet where bikes were displayed in the middle of the oval and members wandered in search of that elusive motorcycle item.


Those attending:

Bob Gill 1913 Veteran BSA
Leon Mitchell 1914 Veteran Rudge
David Ey 1942 Indian
Bob Hill 1927 Harley Davidson O/Fit
Jeff & Dawn Schaefer 1929 BSA O/Fit
Arnold De Groot 1930 Norton
Rob Smyth 1929 AJS
Bob Mather 1932 Scott
Mal Mackay 1936 BSA
Dean Govan 1937 Triumph O/Fit
Bob Kretschmer 1941 Army BSA
John Deacon 1949 Norton
Ian Baldock 1950 Ariel
Graeme Bartlett 1952 Norton
Peter Arriola 1954 AJS
Brian Kuerschner 1954 AJS
Dan Moriarty 1956 Ariel
Barry Carlisle 1956 Norton O/Fit
John Verbi 1956 Velocette FTO.
Brian Forth 1957 Triumph
Dave Holbrook 1958 Ariel

Russell Sadoroshny 1966 Matchless
Keith Milich 1970 Velocette
Paul Knapp 1972 Honda
Malcolm Gray 1974 Dnepr
Colin Pauley 1974 Suzuki O/Fit. F.T.O.
Geoff Thompson 1976 CZ
Roger O’Loughlin 1989 Suzuki
Brian Cowling 1995 Kawasaki



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