VMCCSA Display, Adelaide Motor Show, 2nd – 6th April 2008

Putting on a five-day display is not an easy task, but for those who took it on this year it must have been satisfying. Over the five days of the Adelaide Motor Show literally thousands of people filed past the Club stand, most very impressed by the array of machines display.

The rusty rubbed shoulders with the pristine, and attracted just as much attention. The is a certain allure to a crumbling c1902 “motor bicycle”, particularly when it finds itself in the company of dazzling machines like a “cammy” AJS or a pristine Triumph Tiger 100.

Indians were particularly well represented in the display, and attracted a lot of attention. The success of the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian” must have help to rekindle interest in this once-famous marque.

Many thanks to all the members who contributed to the display, either by bringing along machines, helping with setting up and dismantling, or taking shifts to field questions from the interested visitors. An exhausting, but very rewarding, exercise.


And a more detailed report from Phil Jenner and Brian Forth:

The Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Australia (established in 1950) received a visit at the March 2008 meeting from Ian Digby, the Executive Officer of the Adelaide Motor Show. Ian attended to inquires if the club was interested in displaying our motorcycles as the show. The show ran from 2nd to 6th April 2008 from 10am to 9pm. He was surprised to see over 100 members present, (this is a common number) we have over 300 members with a huge number of motorcycles covering all years to 31st December 1965 which is out cut off date.

We at first had a few interested people and about 20 motorcycles, but on the night before the show we were able to display 39 motorcycles from a 1903 Madison onwards with the majority being restored, and a few totally un-restored to show the public what a motorcycle can be found to the end product.

The display was in the entrance hall of the Ridley Building in the Adelaide Show Grounds. The public had to pass our display to enter or leave the motorcycle hall. The response from the public was overwhelming, plenty of questions and queries on restoration, the inevitable comment ‘I use to ride on of those’, or ‘Grandfather had that type’ etc, to I have a certain make of motorcycle how can I get it restored?

Phil Jenner and I organized the motorcycles for the display, well actually Phil did majority of the work and must be congratulated on an excellent display. We are hoping that the Motor Show will ask us back next year, and if we are luck I understand out area can be increased and we can plan on a larger display.

Peter Allen –    3 bikes    1903 Madison, 1922 AJT, 1915 Villiers Strand
Phil Jenner –    4 bikes    1925 Indian Chief, 1928 Indian Sport Solo, 1940 Scout, 1926 F model Harley
Leon Mitchell -3 bikes    1903 California, 1910 FN, 1920 Bluebird
Daryl Rosser – 3 bikes    1956 Triumph T110, 1963 BSA Gold Star and 1924 AJS B5
Brian Forth –    2 Bikes    1927 J Model Harley, 1923 Elliott Payneham
Terry Rowe –     2 bikes    1914 Big 4 Precision, 1929 Raleigh
Dean Govan –     2 Bikes    1905 Coventry Challenge, 1914 Douglas TS
Colin Behn –    2 bikes    1920 Flat twin Harley, and 1950? AJS single
David Radloff-    2 bikes    1909 Triumph, 1934 Cammy AJS
Rodney Attwood    2 Bikes    1914 New Hudson, 1922 Sunbeam
David Cant –    2 bikes    1923 Indian Standard, 1947 Indian Chief
Bob Gill –    1 Bike    1913 BSA
Peter Yates –    1 bike    1924 Indian Chief
Ken Langley –    1 Bike    1951 Triumph 650cc
Ray Collins –    1 bike    1953 Tilbrook
Rob Smythe –    1 Bike    1954 Triumph Tiger 100
Richard Kretchmer 1 bike 1956 ES2 Norton and side car
Paul Knapp –    1 bike    1947 VB Ariel and sidecar
Rob Elliott –    1 Bike    1903 Kelecom
Ray Mann –    I bike    1957 Albatross Daytona Scooter ( 224cc Villiers model 1H )
Ted Bachmann-    1 bike    1913 Hedstrom Indian Big Twin

This years the theme was ‘Indian’ and created a lot of interest, perhaps the recent movie “Worlds fastest Indian” was responsible for that! Overall crowd response was fantastic to say the least.

Daryl Rosser and I had a bit of fun of having members of the public sit on motorcycle for the photo opportunity using our own bikes.

A very special thank you to Carolyn and Phil Jenner Daryl Rosser for his unrelenting help everyday manning the display and the interaction with the public. Long hours were also put in by Paul Knapp, Bob Gill, Jim Spratt, Ray Mann, Dean Govan and Brian Forth.

Other club member to assist were Don Rathel, Richard Kretchmer, Rodney Attwood, Rob Smyth, Ray Collins, Ian Baldock, Bill Lorrimer, Julia Mann, Natalie and Brenton Halstead. My apologies to anyone I have forgotten but as you know It was pretty hectic most times!

Once again an enormous amount of work was put in by a handful of volunteers, to benefit all club members.

I believe we will be invited back next year. This will be your chance to volunteer bikes and help? Please prepare yourself in advance for a very rewarding few days. Bikes don’t have to be finished, complete, or even useable. This was proved time and time again, with Old Rust creating keen interest.

The most commented Bikes were Peter Allen’s c1902 Madison clip-on, Dean Govan’s Coventry Challenge, Leon Mitchell’s 1903 California and his 1910 FN four cylinder, and Ray Collins’ 1953 Tilbrook.



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