Southern Run to Tapestry Winery, Sunday 19th October 2008

Organiser: Ian Baldock

Time to head for the Southern Vales! The run converged on Clarendon from a number of directions, with the main group gathering at the weighbridge on Main South Road at the top of Tapley’s Hill of the run out via Chandler’s Hill. After a brief regroup in Clarendon it was on to Meadows for the “official” morning stop at the local bakery. We were not alone: a market was in full swing, but we enjoyed refreshment in the grounds of the Meadows bakery.

Reluctantly leaving the bakery – lured by promises of a waiting lunch – we headed off for McLaren Vale along what must be some of the best vintage motorcycling roads available anywhere.

Tapestry Winery proved to be a lovely location for lunch – especially as our expert caterers Julie and Ray Mann had set up in advance and were able to feed us in a most professional fashion! Green grass – becoming a rare commodity these days – was appreciated as we settled in to “lunch on the lawn”. Of course there was a bit of action at the tasting counter…


The run back to town was via Kangarilla and Clarendon, where we regrouped. I’m not sure if this stop was planned in advance, or was more a cunning ploy by our leader to deny the policeman with the radar gun revenue from members of the VMCCSA this particular afternoon. Look closely at the end of the line of bikes in the last photo above.

Thanks again to Ian for organising, Ray and Julie for providing lunch, and Denis for driving the back-up trailer. A most enjoyable day out!

And the entrants:

Peter Arriola    1954    AJS Twin
Ray Collins    1936    Calthorpe
Harry Richards    1937    Ariel
Ian Baldock    1950    Ariel
David Cant    1947    Indian
Dean Govan    1937    Triumph Outfit
Bob Gill    1913    BSA
Phil Jenner    1926    Harley Davidson
Carolyn Jenner    1940    Indian
Bob Jones    1924    Harley Davidson
John Keay    1956    Compy G80CS Matchless     First time out
Paul Knapp    1951    AJS
Mal Mackay    1948    BSA
Dan Moriarty    1956    Ariel
David Radloff    1939    Panther
Ron Roy    1949    Matchless
Jeff and Dawn Schaefer    1929    BSA
Rob Smyth     1924    AJS
Ian Tonkin    1958    Velocette
Don Tonkin    1957    Triumph
Graeme Bartlett    1952    Norton
Michael Clarke    1950    BSA  First time out
Bryan Dunn    1952    AJS
Rob Elliott    1963    Norton
Brian Forth    1927    Harley Davidson
Dave Holbrook    1958    Ariel
Leon Mitchell    1914    Rudge
Tony Morisset    1952    Vincent
L.J.Mottillo    1942    BSA  First time out
Ken Olsson    1949    Matchless
Terry Rowe    1929    Raleigh
Peter Van Kruysson    1948   BSA  First time out
Peter Yates    1924    Indian

Don Cellier    1974    BMW
Geoff Thompson    1975    C.Z.
Bob Frankham    1994    Yamaha

Denis Saunders    Back up trailer


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