Soup and Crumpet Day, Truro, 24th August 2008

Organisers: The Holmes Family

Sunday morning dawned bright and shiny but a little cold – about about 2 degrees. As I had already mapped out the run, Ian Baldock and I agreed that I would be Ride Captain for the day. He could then concentrate on the trips ahead. I arrived at Pelican Plaza around 9:00 am and was soon joined by members of the Vincent Club, who were having their ride from the same place. By the time I had set up the blank entry forms, for those who had to fill them out on the day, Ian had arrived and we decided to test Hungry Jack’s coffee. Roger O’Loughlin turned up to join us for coffee and the rest dribbled in slowly.

The Vincent Club left at 9:30 am and by 9:45 we had around 15 machines. Jeff Schaefer had kindly offered to take the back-up trailer and arrived with Laurie Leibhardt as passenger. It was then time to do the mandatory instructions and we were away. Between Chain of Ponds and Williamstown I passed a rider on a veteran machine and thought it may have been Charlie Tuckey, possibly on his Perry Vale, with his own personal back-up trailer. Our first stop was Springton for a re-group and toilet stop. We were here joined by Bob Gill and Phil and Carolyn Jenner.


We didn’t have to wait long for the back-up vehicle and after a few minutes we were on our way to our next stop at Stockwell. I make no apologies for taking the Tanunda Creek Rd along the border of the Kaiser Stuhl Conservation Park again, as it is one of my favorite pieces of road and I ride it whenever I can. From there, down Mengler’s Hill and on to Stockwell for a comfort stop and re-group. Next stop Truro for lunch.

By the time the machines were parked and the riding gear was removed, Soup & Crumpets were ready. The Holmes family excelled themselves once again. I was pleased to see the number of people there (our count was around seventy). Many had come by car, and brought soup and sweets, as well as willing hands. It is great to see outings like this where the tasks are shared by so many people. It makes for what I believe is a real “Club” occasion.

I was able to air my knowledge when I walked outside to see a number of people looking at a beautifully restored motorcycle. Someone said “It’s a PV whatever that means”. My sharp mind leaped into gear and I nonchalantly said “That’s a Perry Vale recently restored by Charlie Tuckey” (Boy! Do I know things).

By now everyone was full of Soup & Crumpets & on to the Tea & Coffee. The workers once again moved in and the table changed into cakes and scones and all types of sweet things. As I mentioned on a previous occasion, the change in date meant Rob Smyth could not join us, so there was cake for all and I believe even some left over. It was now time to clean up ready to go home, so I made myself scarce and went outside to do some more talking and have another look at the Perry Vale. I asked Charlie what condition it was in when he got it. His answer was “together”. I think that means a zillion hours of work to restore it.

Malcolm Gray

Those attending the run:

Malcolm Mackay    1948 BSA    Solo
Ed Sanders    1936 Norton    Solo
Bob Gill    1913 Veteran BSA    Solo
Natalie Halstead    1936 BSA    Solo
Dave Holbrook    1958 Ariel    Solo
Geoff Hennig    1954 Triumph    Solo
Phil Jenner    1926 Harley Davidson    Solo
Carolyn Jenner    1940 Indian    Solo
Ken Olsson    1949 Matchless     Solo

Paul Knapp    1972 Honda four    Solo
Don Cellier    1971 BMW    Solo
Peter Langdon    1973 Triumph    Solo
Roger O’Loughlin    1976 Honda    Solo
Malcolm Gray    1971 BMW    Solo
Peter Arriola    1974 Honda four    Solo
Ian Baldock    2004 Suzuki    Solo
Greg Warner    2008 Ducati    Solo
Chris Warner    1976 Kawasaki    Solo

Laurie Leibhardt, Dawn & Jeff Schaefer    Back up trailer

Plus numerous members in cars


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