Pleasant Sunday Morning, 15th June 2008

Organisers: “Pud” Freeman & Ken Leeks

I was a bit concerned, after the General Meeting, where almost thirty members indicated they would attend this outing. When I gave the entry forms to Paul Knapp I only had eleven. However, the day dawned bright and shiny, although a bit chilly, so my optimism was high as I left for Pelican Plaza around 8:20am. Thought I might treat myself to a Hungry Jacks Egg & Bacon Breakfast & Coffee before people started arriving.

All of this accomplished I walked back to my ‘Bike only to find the first rider arriving at around 9:00am. We soon had a good showing, which Ray Mann said added up to twenty nine machines. By 9:50am we were all assembled and waiting with baited breath to hear some words of wisdom from our Club Captain, when our back-up trailer arrived. Peter Allen had phoned me on Saturday and offered to go back-up for the day.

The words were spoken, Paul Knapp called the roll and we all rode off to the first turn left onto Hancock Rd. Finding our way onto the One Tree Hill Rd for a few k’s (or miles) and after a slight embarrassing detour, and a quick turn around, we made our way back to One Tree Hill Rd, where I managed to take the correct turn this time onto Craigmore Rd, across Main North Rd and on to Ken Leeks’ House. We were able to park all of the bikes in Ken’s back yard, which gave us a chance to pick each others bikes, as well as Ken’s, to pieces. Ken had home made soup as well as tomato soup, potatos cooked over coals in aluminium foil filled with grated cheese or butter, barbequed sausages and bread, tea and coffee. All this for a gold coin donation! What a deal.


We all got stuck into this whilst we looked at Ken’s motorcycles and cars. I wish Ken good luck with the restoration of the two cars in his garage. What a job! Ken offered to start up a Rudge he is currently restoring which only the other day was started for the first time in around thirty years. After a little coaxing it sprang into life with a really great sound to it as the revs were increased. It was soon time to think about leaving and after a few words of thanks and a round of applause we all went our own way home. Thanks to Ken Leeks and his family for a job well done. Thanks also to Pud Freeman for the ride map and to Peter Allen for the back-up trailer and to all who marshalled for the day.

Just a note:
Whilst we were stopped after our unexpected little detour and I was gathering my thoughts, Joy Pauley said to me “I’ve never been on that road before”. My reply was “And you were not supposed to be on it today either”. She went on “When Gary Jolly was Captain he used to find new roads to ride”. When we got to Ken’s place I said “Maybe Gary took you on new roads, but I bet you didn’t go on the new road in both directions on the same day!”

Malcolm Gray

Those attending:

Rob Smyth 1924 AJS
Brian Forth 1927 Harley Davidson
Malcolm Mackay 1936 BSA (First time out)
Natalie Halstead 1936 BSA
Paul Knapp 1947 Ariel O/Fit
Bruce Lehmann 1948 Ariel
Ken Olsson 1949 Matchless
John Mills 1949 Norton
Colin Pauley 1949 Ariel O/Fit
Geoff Thompson 1950 Jawa
Graeme Bartlett 1952 Norton
Roger O’Loughlin 1954 Horex Regina (First time out)
Brian Kuerschner 1955 AJS
Malcolm Gray 1956 Maico
Richard Kretschmer 1956 Norton O/Fit
Daryl Rosser 1956 Triumph
Russell Sadoroshny 1957 Ariel
John Booker 1957 Triumph
Keith Milich 1970 Velocette
Don Cellier 1974 BMW
Chris Warner 1976 Kawasaki
Ian Carlsson 1976 Kawasaki
Brenton Halstead 1979 Honda
Bruce McKenzie 1983 Kawasaki
Ray Mann 1988 BMW
Glen Poyner 2002 BMW Visitor
Gary Jolly 2005 Suzuki
Ian Baldock 2006 Suzuki

Plus numerous members in cars.


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