Barossa Tour – Sunday 21st September 2008

Organiser Barry Carlisle

On Sunday morning two groups of members gathered with the1st group the ‘long run’ meeting at Pelican Plaza and a 2nd group of ‘short run’ for veteran and vintage bikes met at Kersbrook with the aim of both meeting at Mt Pleasant and all riding to Tanunda as one for lunch.

Unfortunately the longer run was longer than planned and never arrived at a reasonable time to join the 2nd group. Eventually both groups arrived at Tununda only to find a street festival forcing members to use two different car parks. Lunch was consumed, a quick stroll about the streets before it was time to return home.


I decided I would join the veterans and go back to Kersbrook with them. That’s where the fun started. The ride to Lyndoch was uneventful until we had to turn left for Williamstown, some went straight on, others turned left – but eventually all were reunited at Williamstown. I was with Leon Mitchell, David Radloff and Chris Harley chugging along when about 6 miles out of Williamstown suddenly Chris Harley’s JAP stopped (See photo) because he had run out of fuel.

A small coke bottle was used to borrow fuel from Leon’s bike but David didn’t help he wanted to check out a nearby tree? Rob Whitehead arrived with jerry can refueled the JAP and we were on our way. A few miles later I slowly passed them, I was quietly cruising when there was a flash of a bike on my right only to see Leon flying pass on the Rudge with a grin on his face – I was later informed the Rudge that won the 1914 TT could easily do 80mph and he showed me it had power and speed? Enjoy the photos and again thank you to the members who participated.

Brian Forth

Those participating:

Chris Harley – 1912 JAP
Bob Gill 1913 – BSA
Leon Mitchell – 1914 Rudge
David Radloff – 1915 Arcade JAP
Robert Jones – 1924 Harley D
Phil Jenner – 1926 Harley D
Rob Smyth – 1929 AJS
Terry Rowe – 1929 Raleigh
Arnold De Groote – 1930 Norton
Mal Mackay 1930 – BSA
Bob Mather – 1932 Scott
Carolyn Jenner – 1940 Indian
David Cant 1947 – Indian
Richard Treloar – 1948 Triumph
Steve McKenzie – 1948 Triumph
John Mills – 1949 Norton
Ed Sanders – 1950 Norton
Paul Knapp – 1951 AJS
Neil Hamilton – 1951 Norton
Graeme Bartlett – 1952 Norton
Ken Olsson – 1954 AJS
Peter Arriola – 1954 AJS
Dean Govan – 1954 BSA
Barry Carlisle – 1956 Norton
Daryl Rosser – 1956 Triumph
Richerd Kretschmer – 1956 Norton
Brian Forth – 1957 Triumph
Dave Holbrook – 1958 Ariel


Malcolm Gray – 1971 BMW
Peter Langdon – 1973 Triumph
Don Cellier – 1974 BMW
Ron Roy – 1975 Honda
Roger O’Loughlin – 1976 Honda
Geoff Thompson – 1976 CZ
Ian Baldock – 2006 Suzuki
Randy Albrecht – 2008 Motorcycle
Keith Milich – 1970 Velocette
Les Wilson – 1995 Yamaha


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