A Lazy Day at Lobethal, 20th July 2008

Organisers: Roger O’Loughlin & Malcolm Gray

I guess with my record of weather it had to rain on at least some of the day. Those of us who did the trip from The Feathers Hotel, met at 9:30 for a 10:00am start. A phone call from Club Captain Ian Baldock confirmed the trusty Ariel had failed not far from home and after pushing it home he was going to come on his other machine, but would be too late to leave with us. It was pleasing that by the time we left our numbers had grown to about 15 motorcycles and a couple of cars. The weather was threatening but dry.

Not far into our trip it began to rain and continued most of the way to our first stop at Lenswood. Rob Smyth remarked that he was not sure weather it was wetter inside or outside his waterproof pants. Think you need some new ones Rob. We had a visitor with us whose name I unfortunately did not get, but who rode in a pair of jeans. Guess he was wet too (just a bit). We eventually arrived at our venue at approx 11:00, as I had expected, to find Roger and Jenny O’Loughlin, hard at work setting up tables and chairs, both inside and outside under the shelter. The tea and coffee was on, and a nice warm ‘cuppa put a bit of sunshine into a rather miserable day.


We settled in to a bit of conversation about everything and nothing whilst we waited for the rest of the people to arrive. Meantime our team of Gas Mechanics found the “ON” switch for the heater and with it and all of the other hot air that was circulating, the room soon warmed up. Ross Hill had promised to join us on a Turner Tri-Car he has had for some years, however things did not go to plan and he arrived with the Turner on the trailer (not the Turner’s fault), just before lunch. In no time it was midday and Roger and Jenny, with the help of their daughter Kathryn, started serving lunch. The baked potatos were served with all of the delightful fillings as per the Menu and everything went without a hitch.

I was approached many times to have this as an annual event, but that is up to the Club Captain and Committee. No sooner were the potatos eaten than out came the cakes, home made by Jenny. Some elected to have another spud (I do not know how they fitted it in). This was followed by another ‘cuppa and it was time to leave at 1:15pm. for Melba’s Chocolate Factory. Ross got the Turner off the trailer and joined us on the ride. Everyone knew the way, so there was no need to leave marshals on cold and wet corners. They had put our name on the visitor’s board and greeted us at the door. After everybody had loosened their purse strings a bit, we were given a small gift of thanks from Melba’s. This was opened and shared out amongst the remaining members. Our day was so quickly over and it was time to head home. Ross elected to ride the Turner home and I offered to follow. With a couple of minor hiccups we made it in time for another cuppa, before I left for home.

All things taken into account it was a great day and certainly enjoyed by all. A note for those who did not speak to me, but heard the rumours that circulated. The picture of a V&V Club visit some years ago is still there, they just decided to have a few different pictures on display. Thanks once again to all those who volunteer for marshalling duties, to Richard Kretschmer for offering to take a back-up trailer and to all those who did a little something to make the day that much more enjoyable.

Malcolm Gray

And a post script on the Turner Tri-Car…

The Turner Tri-Car, here with the late Alby “Pop” Hill (Life Member of the V&VMCC). These units were made in England around 1948-50 as a “Cab Chassis”. This one was part of a number imported by the then Postmaster General’s Dept. in Victoria, for evaluation as parcel delivery vehicles. This photo was taken in the 1980’s possibly at Morialta Reserve. The Machine was ridden by “Pop” Hill in a couple of V&V Rallies including a Breakfast Run to Glenelg.

Those attending the run:

Rob Smyth 1924 AJS
Mal Mackay 1930 BSA
Brian Kuerschner 1955 AJS
Dave Holbrook 1958 ARIEL
Daryl Rosser 1963 BSA
Russell Sadoroshny 1964 AJS

Malcolm Gray 1971 BMW
Don Cellier 1974 BMW
Chris Warner 1976 Kawasaki
Ian Baldock 2006 Suzuki

Logan Shipley 1948 AJS VISITOR
Glen Poyner 2003 BMW VISITOR

Richard Kretschmer Back up trailer

Plus many more who went by car.


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