Run to Pud’s Yard, 17th June 2007

Sunday 17th June was another wonderful day for a club ride, clear skies and warm weather. Well it was a bit cold, most members rugged up for the ride.

We assembled at Pelican Plaza for a 9.30am roll call and starting orders. Captain Rob call members together for a roll call and 4 members answered, the remainder had arrived on the morning and completed the necessary ride form, boosting the numbers to around 20 as the photos shows.

This new start time of 0930hrs – 9.30am to civilians cause a problem. This is not our normal start time. We normally meet at 10.00am (A gentleman’s time of a run start – exceptions for Natalie Halstead). Captain Rob decided on an early start because he wanted a longer ride to warm up his Cammy AJS. As the Marshals left, other members were arriving, but all was not lost and no one got lost.


It was a brisk and cold ride through the hills to Kersbrook for a re-group, then on to One Tree Hill and down onto the plains thru Elizabeth to Pud’s home and yard.

Bob Gill on his trusty 1913 BSA was worried about the hill out of Kersbrook, but he had no trouble and enjoyed his ride.

The riders and several members arrived and soon parking space in Elizabeth was at a premium. Pud quickly made us welcome and we ventured into ‘The Backyard’ where Pud had displayed his exotic ‘Jawa’s’ and his prized 1928 Velocette. Coffee and nibbles were provided and the noggin and nattering began to about lunchtime when we slowly departed.

Pud, on behalf of the member attending, thank you for providing the hospitality and letting us into your ‘Backyard’.



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