Northern Run, May 2007 (Pud’s Adventures)

From Brian Forth

Sunday morning arrive for me at 7am. Riley, my grandson woke me up at 7am and ‘demanded I watch cartoons with him’, I agreed and fell asleep watching ‘Tom and Jerry’. He woke me at 9am and asked if I was still going on a motorcycle ride, a few words were said and I quickly had breakfast, dragged out the Triumph and off I went hoping to arrive before the start time of 10am. I arrived at 9.50am, luckily I live close to Pelican Plaza.

What a wonderful day for a club ride – sun shining with a slight threat of rain. Pud Freeman and Rob Smyth briefed the riders; Rob claimed it was his presence that a beautiful day and sun shining was all his doing. Paul Knapp completed the roll call and we were ready to ride.

Pud had organized another pleasant Sunday run skirting the foothills of the northern suburbs coming down at Gawler next to the Race course. Our first stop was in the hills above Gawler. We had arrived at a ‘T’ junction about to make a left turn for Gawler when Pud stopped for his first re-grouping and to await the arrival of Bob Gill on his 1913 BSA. As I spoke to Pud, I asked him why he chosen this place for a re-group? His reply was that we were to wait here for Bob Gill who will be coming down that road – pointing to the road in front of us (not the road we had just come down on). Now you will remember the helicopter scene from M*A*S*H series when the cast all looked one way and the Helicopter came in from the rear – well that happened to us – Bob came in with the rest of the group from behind us. Pud looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and off we went.

We rode on down the hill to Gawler coming out at the race course corner, the left along North Road to Dalkeith Road, then right and ride along the flat plains of Angle Vale, Virginia and Edinburgh to the Salisbury North football for another great lunch. This was truly veteran country riding grounds – log – flat and very few corners to cause problems.


Pud’s ride took us past the entrance the RAAF Edinburgh Air force Base. We had just negotiated the roundabout when Pud suddenly pulled over and stopped. I was riding second in line behind Pud and was surprised he stopped suddenly near the roundabout. I looked past him and saw two Police vehicles ‘roof light flashing’ and the rear passengers door open on one. There were two civilian cars in front and several people walking about and one male walked to the open door of the Police car – this was an arrest situation and us being there was not in our interests.

The police officers look rather startled at us. Pub waved at them. They stilled looked at us so I pulled up along side Pud and suggested we quickly move on and it was not a place for a group of bikers stop? I quickly rode off leading the ride pass the scene to a stop down the road. The ride continued on without more incidents to the Salisbury North Football club were a beautiful lunch was provided then we parted ways for home.

It was another excellent ride with about 20 riders and several back-up trailers. There was one exception to the ride with the most honorables Chris Harley and David Radloff travelling in style in Chris’s yellow Morgan 3 wheeler – a picture tells a story – they looked ‘Lords or the Manor’. David did complain that there was not enough room inside because Chris’s arms were like ‘wings when steering’ and the ride read felt wobbly. Chris reply was ‘as long as the wheels point straight we are OK’ and smiled.

Thanks Pud for another great ride – no we didn’t get lost like last time – no Laurie and the back-up trailers didn’t arrive at a re-grouping spot before the riders – we just rode into an Police arrest situation – stay tune for Pud’s next adventure?


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